Natural latex pillow factory

Manufactures and sells natural latex pillows, mattresses and other natural latex products, including neck pillows, bolster pillows, charcoal pillows, ionic pillows, triangular pillows, back cushions, meditation cushions, sofa cushions, car seats, motorcycle seats, insole, masks, etc., by selling retail and wholesale. We offer ​​factory prices. A special discount is available for a large amount order.

Latex Asia (Thailand)
Company Limited

Genuine natural latex pillows and mattress

With natural rubber latex raw materials derived from rubber trees in Thailand make latex products of Latex Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have excellent quality, durable and able to support the body.

With better ventilation, the latex products can reduce the accumulation of germs, cause lessirritation and reduce the chance of allergies from chemicals that are in synthetic materials.

How is a good natural latex mattress?

It is durable and last for more than 10 years. It does not collapse and still has high flexibility.

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